You've Got Mail.

I am a wanna be crafter. There, I said it. Sure I'm creative, but actually getting what is in my head out on paper, or any other material for that matter, well, let's just say it is an area that needs a little work. But I have several friends who are as crafty as all get out.

Scrapers (of the paper variety), painters, bakers, knitters, jewelry makers, stampers, decorators, designers, and everything in between, these ladies put Martha Stewart to shame. Seriously. This year I am aiming to get my craft on. Maybe some of my lovely lady friends could help. In the meantime, I was beyond excited when I went to the mail earlier this week to find a package from one Sarah Jones of Half Sweet Vanilla fame.

If you know Sarah, and if you don't, one minute on her blog with tell you, she is as crafty as they come. I knew immediately there was going to be handmade heaven inside the envelope. I am already the proud owner of one pair of beautiful earrings made by the hands of Ms. Jones, so I was anxious to see what the golden manilla envelope had in store.

Even her envelope addressing is done with crafty flair!

When I opened the envelope, inside was a homemade card and hand-stamped 2012 tea towel.

Not only was it lovely to receive such a thoughtful and beautiful (not to mention useful) pressie in the mail, it was a welcome change from the many credit card bills that arrived alongside. Bills for online purchases mainly from Etsy and from local stores here in St. John's, with the exception of the Santa letter requests of the girls. I figure if I can't make it myself I can at least support local or someone who can. While the whole interwebs thing is good, and methinks here to stay, getting a letter or package in the mail is a welcome surprise.

My mother-in-law is incredibly good at putting little things in the mail for the girls -- a postcard from her travels, a book of stickers to say she is thinking of them, or simply a letter with a little update on life in her neck of the woods. It is sheer joy for them when something arrives in the mail. Most days our mail consists of, well, bills. I think our bills have bills. Yeah, they do, it's called interest.

It is a delightful surprise when a letter or package (not one that you ordered online - although that is delightful too) arrives. Is it the time? The effort? The permanency? The rarity? The personal touch? That makes getting a letter so different than getting the same information via email? A mail carrier wrote in the NY Times in 1886 about people's joy in receiving a letter, and that joy, it seems, is still going strong today.

So this year, the year of living color-fully, I will put something in the mail every month for someone. I will delight in knowing that when they go to their post and find something other than bills and junk mail that I made them smile.


My Word.

A year ago a beautiful blogging friend posted about not making resolutions – resolutions ‘fix’ problems with ourselves – but rather to focus on strengthening those things about ourselves that are already great. It really stuck with me. But at the time I did not really do much about it. Or, so I thought.

She spoke of the ‘One Little Word’ concept. In 2006, Ali Edwards began a tradition of choosing one word each January - a word that she could focus on, meditate on, and reflect upon as she went about her daily life. The thought of choosing one word to live by for the year seemed overwhelming. I had so much I wanted to focus on but did not know where to start.

This past year was a whirlwind with much inward soul searching and thinking about what I wanted to focus on. It wasn’t a conscious effort, at least not in the beginning. At times there was much clarity, and at others it was pure chaos. It was a year of changes. Good changes. But it all boiled down to being happy. Sounds simple enough? I realized that living the life I wanted was up to me, and me alone. I needed to live in the moment. There is no do-over. And it would be a journey.

So this year, not only am I living by one word, but I have chosen one word to live by forever. Ambious? Yes. Achiveable? You betcha.

Colourfully. That’s my word.

Being in the marketing and advertising profession I often come across inspiration for my work. And sometimes that inspiration crosses into life. Such was the ad campaign launched by Kate Spade at the beginning of 2011.

Every month of 2011 featured a new colour. Every month featured a new commissioned print. Every month featured Live Colourfully product launches. Every month featured new videos. It was design inspiration for most. Fashion crack for many. It was life inspiration for me. So whose shoes could be better to walk in than a pair of Kate Spades?

So, 2012 is the start of a life of colour.

Colour plays an important part in our lives from an early age. 'What's your favourite colour?' is a question of great debate with my girls, asked from an early age by all of them. Our vernacular is sprinkled with references to colours: we see red, go green with envy, have black moods, get the blues, we feel off colour. There are colourful characters, we colour outside the lines, and this year I will live life colourfully! For me this means living my best life everyday (you'll see this as we go). One that is true to me (more on this later). Health. Happiness. Family. Friends. And pursuit of interests both personal and professional. That's my colourful

Our use of colour expresses how we feel and think. The colours we surround ourselves with can affect our mood and personality. If the only help that colour can offer is to raise spirits and self-esteem, enhance surroundings, reduce stress and help you view life more positively, then that's enough in my mind.

So, what’s your favorite colour? Mine's red.